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Shure - DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System & Interpreter Booth

Shure - DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System & Interpreter Booth

Shure - DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System & Interpreter Booth


Experience the high quality of the Simultaneous Interpretation System from products by Shure and DIS, the world leading conferencing equipment manufacturer and developer.

DIS DR 6032 Digital Infra-red Receiver

Experience the perfectness of highest Digital Infra-red technology which amazingly supports maximum interpretation at 32 languages simultaneouslyin the same room, providing a great Crystal Clear sound quality, together with simplyChannel Selection and controlling Volumeon a portable Receiver,moreover, the Digital Infra-red causes no harm to human being. The DIS DR 6032 is manufactured to comply with the IEC 61603-Part 7 which is the industry standard for Digital Infra-red transmission in the 2 to 6MHz frequency band.

Digital Infra-red – The standard of Interpretation System

With the Digital Infra-red technology brings Shure and DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System to the most perfect. It could be used ina ballroom or many breakout rooms simultaneously and experience No-Interference when using at the same time with other radio transmission devices such as wireless microphonesand radio transmission devices. It is unlike UHF and FM systems that must be very careful about the frequency interferences. The Digital Infra-red system could effectively protect the information leakage from the unwilling listeners.

Moreover, Shure-DIS Simultaneous Interpretation system is precisely managed and configured from the specific design Application in which our well-trained technicians of Mighty MICE could always monitor the system.

Digital Interpreter Unit – A Perfect Workmate of Interpreter

The DIS IS 6132P is the interpreter’s interpretation control unit which is a truly digital system and it provides all coverage of interpretation needs. The unit equips withbacklit LCD Display that enhances visibility for the interpreter to see all important information connecting with the buttons at the side of the display. This device supports Relay interpretation which mostly needs in any conference that supplies more than two interpreter booths. In every conference, “Mighty MICE” equips two DIS IS 6132P Interpreter Unit for every interpreter in every booth for their individual usage and configuration to enhance the effective outcome of their works.

Interpreter Booth – An Important but Overlooked Workplace

“Mighty MICE” concerns on the quality of the Booth in which to support and generate the best result of the interpreter’s works. Mighty MICE is the only company that import the ISO 4043:2016 Interpreter Booth manufactured by a Canadian brand : Multi-caissesto serve our clients, moreover, the local custom-made Interpreter Booth is also available for the economical scale of usage but it carries some of the ISO 4043’s major requirements such as widest and clearest window area to support the best visibility to the conference room, the maximum height at 2 meters, the entrance door of the booth could be switched to any side of the booth to make the best fit into any limited area of any conference room, etc.

Receiver Distribution Facilitator

To manage the pickup and return of the Interpretation Receiver, Mighty MICE provides the Receiver Distribution Facilitator to facilitate the participants in “Borrowing” the receivers in the meeting room. Mighty MICE recruits students and freelances to work for this duty as to support their extra income while available from classes. It reduces the risk to the loss of the receiver occurred by the participant unintentionally take them back home. By exchanging personal documents e.g. Citizen ID Card, Driving License, Passport and the accessible phone number must be given, then the participant is allowed to bring the Interpretation receiver into the meeting room. At the end of the day, by just returning the Interpretation receiver where the participant takes it and receive his personal document back, that is finished. Very Simple.